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Ponderings Second Year Anthology is a hard cover coffee table collection of Australian stories about inspiring people and quirky tales. A curation of our most beloved trending stories of 2020 from our digital magazine and App. Printed in Australia

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Beautifully presented this special edition hardcover holds within its 106 pages with iconic illustrations themed in old worlde botanical anthropology;  this year’s Ponderings Anthology is a feast for the mind and heart. Printed in Australia. 


During this spectacularly unusual year we have had the honour of interviewing and gleaning introspect from some wonderful people. The distance for many has bought about many ideas, reflections and most certainly that sidestepping allowing for pondering on a remarkable scale.


        Wherefore Art Thou Drag Kween- we ponder with Art Simone

        A Forecast of Charisma and Not a Plain Jane in Sight - Pondering with Jane Bunn

        The Evolution of Dogs- from wolf to beloved pet

        The Tangible Oscillation of Us - A dash of science with some philosophical ponderings

        Dear Grown Ups- An ode to parent and child 2020

        The Negative Thinkers Guide to the Galaxy - A satirical view on the thinker...

        The Blazing Heart of Community - Australian Bushfire heroes

        Interview With Debb Oliver - The Monkey Brush - Artist Interview

        The Magic of Bees and The Beauty of Numbers in Nature- Essay on Ian Stewart 

        Five More Minutes - Julia Lorent and a powerful insight into her mother. 

        Food Glorious Food- Autism and Eating -Planet Spectrum

        Exercise Myths, Activewear and Do You Want Coffee With That? Sarah Healy 

        The Small Town Boy Who Undressed Marilyn - Orry Kelly & Pondering Hollywood 

        The Famous Mrs Fanny Finch - Australian hero 

        How Books Save Us - best selling author Karen Brooks looks at the magic of reading

        Communication Insights and Getting Grounded in a World of Chaos -  Des Carter 

        How to Encourage a Love of Reading in Your Children -  Katie Moore from Luxuread

        Messages of Hope - Australian Artist Tom Stodulka Ponders with us

        I Am Too Tired to Friend - Is Friendship a dying art or has COVID just made us exhausted?

        The Great Australia Pottery Revival - Brilliant Aussie Potters state by state

        The Ghost Lights of Australian Nights-  The spooky insights into the Min Min lights 

        Olympic Sport, The Birds Eye View of Art - We Ponder with Brad Walls

        FOUR PAWS Save Bear Vubs Nikko and Nara - Bear Rescue Heroes 

        Five Ways To Identify if Your Workplace is Toxic - Melissa Griffiths unpacks the tips

        Shapeshifters, Hairy Dancers and Things That Go Bump In The Night - 

        To Be Human Is To Be Musical - We Ponder with Allison Davies

        Is There A Dying Cat? No It Is The Art of Singing - Janelle McMillan OAM ponders with us

        Quirky Tidbits For Dinner Table Fact Dropping - Things that make you go hmmmm?

        From Mornington To Selfridges; The Turmeric Empire Story - Golden Grind and Ponderings 

        The Ponderings Journey - How it all began